Some easy ways to get fat

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Some easy ways to get fat

Postby JulianStone » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:31 pm

In today's time, everyone wants a healthy and shapely body. But due to poor routine, he is not able to get fat and healthy. Today we will tell you how Mota hone ka asan tarika can look even more beautiful and enchanted than before.

Write fat and eat bananas. Intake of Milk & Banana to Gain fat

One of the mota hone ka sabse asan tarika is the consumption of milk and banana. For this, you have to mix two bananas in a glass of milk every morning and drink. By doing this you will start feeling difference in your body within 15 days. You will feel healthy by looking at your body lightly with this recipe.

Calorie and protein intake. Calorie and Protein Intake

It is not appropriate to consume only calories to be fat. For this, you also have to increase the amount of protein in your food. Protein is very beneficial in making a person fat. You can eat eggs, fish to complete protein intake. Because they are rich in protein.

Black gram and almond intake. Black Gram and Almond have Mota hone ka asan tarika

Black gram and almonds also prove to be very good for thickening. For this, you have to soak one mutti kale gram at night as well as eight almonds in water and consume them as soon as you wake up in the morning.

This will not only increase your weight but also strengthen your bones and in addition to that eating almonds will also increase your mind. On the other hand, if you use jaggery with it, it will also help in increasing your weight.

Yoga will make you healthy and exercise like sweet mangoes. Yoga will make you Healthy and Exercise like Sweet Mango

To be fat, it is not necessary to drink only food. For this, you have to include yoga and exercise in your routine as well so that your digestion will be healthy and your weight will start increasing.

Most people are not able to get fat because they are stressed all the time and do not get a good sleep. That is why you have to get a good sleep without stress for 8 hours out of 24 hours, which will greatly benefit you.

Conclusion | These were the four Best Mota hone ke asan tarike

So far, if you have wasted millions of rupees but still have failed to get your desired body, then definitely follow these magical tips. Which will prove to be effective in getting you fit and fat. Try them and get unrestricted accolades from people, but don't forget to give credit to Healthy Dada .
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