Why a luxury watch on your wrist beats regular watches any d

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Why a luxury watch on your wrist beats regular watches any d

Postby fitch652210 » Sun Jun 13, 2021 11:38 am

Why a luxury watch on your wrist beats regular watches any day!

A watch is often thought to be just a gadget to track time by people. Even if it is true, a watch can also be a great piece of attention gadget.

A watch is one of those things that ladies almost invariably check out, the first thing being the dress of course! Ask a lady any day and she will accept the fact that good looking Tommy Hilfiger watches like
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Michael Kors Colored Dial or Kenneth Cole Watches on a man’s wrist will any day be better than a Mickey Mouse watch. Watches, especially luxury watches are a great style statement in their own right. At the end of the day your popularity with the ladies will be dictated by the way you dress up and the kind of watch that you wear. Read on to know more why sexy looking luxury watches on your wrist beats regular watches any day.Imagine a scenario where you are going for a meeting with an important client or you are meeting someone who is here for a job with you. The person you are meeting is immaculately dressed and has all the nice manners that are required of him. You are impressed with his style statement but your eyes falls on his watch and it turns out to be some silly little watch with cartoons on it which instantly turns you off. That is normal human psychology and it is a common reflex that comes with people who deal with people all the time. They are keen observers and can correctly deduce a man’s worth by checking out a few essential things like clothes, watches, etc. Take a doctor for example; if he sees a piece of Rolex in his patient’s wrists then he clearly understands the amount of bill he should prepare. In other words your watch talks reams about your social standing and your standard in case of wealth. So if given a choice would you like to look rich or would like to look like a person who is just going through life with slight difficulty.There are an absolutely huge variety of styles of Kenneth Cole Watches, Tommy Hilfiger Watches to choose from and each of them espouses a different aesthetic. For a man who needs to show personality and assertiveness a large dial watch is a must. It shows off power like no one else and is also an instant eye catcher and also a good conversation starter. What more can a man ask for?
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